Built by COPD experts and externally peer-reviewed by leading COPD consultants and teams, the RPMA COPD solution puts patients and their clinical teams in control like never before.

Assessment & Engagement

  • The solution collects patients’ daily symptoms, and patients complete an online COPD Assessment Test (CAT) every few weeks. Patients are then presented with advice on how to continue to improve their health.
  • Results are stored in a report so patients and healthcare providers can keep track of how well the symptoms are controlled over time.

Analysis & Diagnosis

  • Healthcare providers or clinicians assess the data collected by the devices.
  • If patients haven’t been diagnosed, clinicians provide feedback, offering preventive and lifestyle management measures.
  • If already diagnosed, clinicians propose a treatment plan and medication.

Treatment & Remote Patient Care

  • Provides an innovative enhancement to classical face-to-face consultations, bringing together patient-reported and clinical data, e.g., FEV1.
  • Assists patients in monitoring symptoms and lung function using a COPD self-management plan, and ensures patients know how to take their inhaled medication and rescue packs correctly.

Lifestyle Management

  • Empowers patients to manage their COPD for their lifetime. Based on the best evidence and national guidelines, the solution provides 24-hour self-management, expert advice,and support.
  • Gives patients 24/7 access to a range of powerful tools to educate themselves, optimize their self-management, monitor their symptoms, and improve their overall quality of life.

Proven Results

  • The solution corrected between 80-98% of inhaler errors present in over 70% of patients.
  • It delivered Pulmonary Rehabilitation (PR) with the same outcomes as face-to-face programmes.
  • It reduced the rate of COPD exacerbation.
  • It doubled the rate of recovery from acute exacerbation.
  • It significantly reduced the readmission rate, compared to usual care in patients admitted with COPD.


For healthcare providers/governments, the solution

  • Is cost-effective as it reduces days in a hospital bed,
  • Improves access & resource usage,
  • Promotes long-term lifestyle changes,
  • Allows entire population screening & monitoring,
  • Creates huge savings in care delivery, and
  • Reduces the cost of healthcare.

For clinicians/doctors, the solution

  • Monitors patients’ vital signs,
  • Supports any clinical protocols,
  • Improves staff utilization,
  • Provides data for early intervention,
  • Integrates with existing health systems,
  • Improves the patient experience, and
  • Increases treatment compliance.

For patients, the solution

  • Is convenient – it’s easily accessible from home,
  • Means patients can manage their own health,
  • Improves preventive care,
  • Enables direct patient involvement in care, and
  • Is easily adopted – mobiles are used 75+ times, daily, by everybody today.