RPMA Lifestyle Management is an easy-to-use end-to-end solution that improves the lives of people through coaching, assessing and rehabilitation using our proven technology that overlays key exercises, education and interactive tools onto crystal-clear video streams.


It is never just about the technology. It’s about how you interact with it. RPMA telehealth uniquely overlays your treatment tools and material to your remote sessions to make sure your methodology is replicated by the end user.

  • A proprietary, high capacity network that guarantees a seamless experience
  • In-call streaming using our proprietary, government grant-winning technology that ensures no loss of video or audio quality
  • 3D anatomical images and videos from Primal Pictures
  • Seamlessly integrated with RPMA’s 4600+ HD-video exercise and education library
  • High definition sound and vision that creates a life-like engagement experience
  • Instant screen sharing
  • Call recording (optional)
  • Add your own content that captures your treatment methodology


  • Coach, motivate and rehabilitate groups
  • Add and remove clients from call in one, easy click
  • Share content with whole group, with no loss of quality


  • The solution provides and facilitates health training sessions.
  • The intuitive App allows for personalized one-on-one sessions.
  • Facilitates and contains ongoing tailored health plans.

Free Patient App Features

  • Your patient joins in just one click
  • Native apps for iOS and Android, seamlessly integrated with the web version
  • Audio and video are encrypted
  • Instant access to activity prescriptions and outcomes
  • Built-in messaging and notifications


For healthcare providers/governments, the solution

  • Is cost-effective and reduces days in a hospital bed,
  • Improves access & resource usage,
  • Promotes long-term lifestyle changes,
  • Allows screening & monitoring of the entire population,
  • Creates huge savings in care delivery, and
  • Reduces the cost of healthcare.

For coaches/healthcare professionals, the solution

  • Monitors patients’ vital signs,
  • Supports any clinical protocols,
  • Improves staff utilization,
  • Provides data for early intervention,
  • Integrates with existing health systems,
  • Improves the patient experience, and
  • Increases treatment compliance.

For patients, the solution

  • Is convenient – it’s easily accessible from home,
  • Allows patients to manage their own health,
  • Improves preventive care,
  • Enables direct patient involvement in care, and
  • Is easily adopted – mobiles are used 75+ times, daily, by everybody today.