The RPMAhealthcare platform is a Telemedicine solution for doctors, healthcare professionals, health clinics, hospitals, and businesses providing remote care for patients suffering from various chronic diseases.

Assessment & Engagement

  • The solution collects patients’ daily symptoms. Before the treatment is initiated, the clinicians or healthcare providers educate patients on how to continue to improve their health.
  • Results are stored in a report so patients and healthcare providers can keep track of how well their symptoms are controlled over time.

Analysis & Diagnosis

  • Healthcare providers or clinicians assess the data collected by the devices.
  • Clinicians propose a treatment plan and medication.

Treatment & Remote Patient Care

  • Healthcare providers suggest preventive measures.
  • Clinicians stay up-to-date with patients’ data to guarantee optimal treatment plans.

Lifestyle Management

  • The solution enables healthcare providers to educate patients about self-management based on the best evidence and national guidelines. It also provides 24-hour self-management, expert advice, and support for patients.
  • The RPMAhealthcare solution gives patients 24/7 access to a range of powerful tools to educate themselves, optimise their self-management, monitor their symptoms, and improve their quality of life.

Proven Results

  • Using the App resulted in a 15-35% overall cost reduction,
  • There were 11-32% fewer admissions days,
  • There was a 20-44% reduction in time spent in the hospital.


For healthcare providers/governments, the solution

  • Is cost-effective and reduces days in a hospital bed,
  • Improves access & resource usage,
  • Promotes long-term lifestyle changes,
  • Allows screening & monitoring of the entire population,
  • Creates huge savings in care delivery, and
  • Reduces the cost of healthcare.

For clinicians/doctors, the solution

  • Monitors patients’ vital signs,
  • Supports any clinical protocols,
  • Improves staff utilisation,
  • Provides data for early intervention,
  • Integrates with existing health systems,
  • Improves the patient experience, and
  • Increases treatment compliance.

For patients, the solution.

  • Is convenient – it’s easily accessible from home,
  • Allows patients to manage their health,
  • Improves preventive care,
  • Enables direct patient involvement in care,
  • Is easily adopted – mobiles are used 75+ times, daily, by everybody today.